在哪里培养对学习的终身热爱 开始.

The MVS early childhood school curriculum incorporates the best of various educational philosophies, 包括“回应课堂”, Reggio Emilia, 和蒙特梭利, while giving attention to Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences to develop curriculum that is based on the children’s interests. Experienced faculty adhere to developmentally appropriate practices to support self-guided, 调查, 身临其境的学习. A primary focus of the early childhood school program lies in the social-情感 development of children.

而幼儿学校的每一天都涉及动手学习, the early childhood school academic calendar includes a two-week Immersion Term, 在此期间,孩子们会深入探讨自己感兴趣的话题, 在多年龄段的老师的指导下学习. 过去的幼儿学校沉浸式课程包括“城堡” , 发射机, 和龙,《美高梅官方网站app》,和《美高梅官方网站app》.”

The sign of a good day at the MVS early childhood school is when our students leave school a little messy– leftover paint, 沙子, 胶水还粘在上面. 这些都是孩子们花了一天时间探索的好迹象, 触碰, 感觉, 问问题.

学生们被一群支持他们的人包围着, 经验丰富的教师们致力于营造一种温馨的氛围, 安全, and nurturing environment where a child’s learning and imagination take flight. Our teachers are dedicated to discovering the world with our youngest learners, 庆祝“第一,” and empowering them to use their words to express their ideas and behavior toward others.

幼儿园 and Pre-幼儿园 students have a full-day schedule from 8:05 a.m.-3:05 p.m. 幼稚园学前班学生可报读全日或半日学前班. 参见下面的示例时间表.



7:45-8:05 a.m.

Parents pull up to the EC entrance, and let a teacher assist you with dropping off your child.

7:45-8:20 a.m. 早上例行
我们每天早上都做同样的事情, 从孩子们洗手开始, 收听早间消息并登录, 然后就可以玩了,明早开会再玩. We realize the importance of consistency and structure in our children’s lives.
8:25 a.m. 早上的会议
We begin each day building relationships with a greeting and a responsive classroom meeting. This is a great opportunity to incorporate the responsive classroom curriculum into our day. Responsive classroom and MVS both focus on creating a positive community where our children’s social and 情感 development is at the forefront.
8:35-10:45 a.m. 迷你课程,开放探索和户外游戏
Children are divided into four groups with a lead teacher and teacher assistant in each group. 很多哲学,比如雷焦方法, 华尔道夫酒店, 和蒙台梭利被纳入我们的中心时间. 而所有的孩子都在探索同样的主题, each teaching team brings their own creativity into the learning and exploration. 孩子们在这段时间也会吃一些营养丰富的零食. 孩子们每天需要许多机会来伸展肌肉, 滚下山, 探索攀岩墙, 或者在沙盒里建一座火山. 如果气温超过20度,孩子们每天早上都会在户外活动. 我们遵循较低的学校时间表和六天的轮转.
10:40-11:20 a.m. 课外学习
Our co-curricular schedule follows a six day “color rotation” based on the colors of the rainbow. 课外学习 include 西班牙语, Mandarin, physical education, performing arts, and library.
11:30 a.m. 半天解雇
Children who are signed up for our half day school are picked up at this time. Parents will pull up to the EC gate and teachers will walk children to their car.对于那些待了一整天的人, 学生们要么继续在外面玩,要么, 这取决于当天团队的能量水平, 他们可能会进来唱歌或做运动, 参与讲故事时间, 或者坐下来解个谜.

儿童早期 教师 & 工作人员

扩展 一天

We offer 扩展 一天 (also referred to as “Kids’ Club”) as after-school care. The program is intended to keep your child engaged and active after dismissal in a 安全, 监督, 有趣的环境. 我们的项目遵循扩展学校日学习的最佳实践. 孩子们将参与无拘无束的游戏, 有组织的娱乐活动, 表演游戏, 工艺品, 游戏, 和谜题. 延长日通过解决社会问题,努力发展整个孩子, 情感, 知识, 生理需求.


扩展 一天 for 幼儿学校 students takes place at the Soin 幼儿学校 and is available only on days when school is in session. 它可以定期使用,也可以根据需要使用.

There is an additional charge for 扩展 一天 services based on the amount of time your child is in attendance.

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